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    lessons made for you

    Achieve your goals fast. We extend range, teach healthy belting, improve tone, blend registers. Every voice is unique, so is every lesson. We teach what you want to learn.

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    love your voice

    Fall in love with your voice. Enjoy the freedom of self expression. We help with stage fright, self judgment, and performance anxiety. We're your support system.

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    boost your confidence

    We help singers identify their strengths to help them love their uniqueness. Each singer has a gift unlike anyone else's. We can help you identify and market your brand.


Benefits of Singing

Enhanced presence and confidence on and off stage Creative expression and emotional release Enhanced communication and social skills Increased conce

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Our Technique

Achieve your goals fast We assess each student’s voice and design exercises for their specific goals, voice type, and genre. No two voices are

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Learn to Sing

We help beginners get started, Intermediates progress and get more confidence, and assist the pros with the recording of their albums.    

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Skype Lessons

Take lessons from any where in the world! We provide lessons globally. All you need is internet connection or a smart phone.     

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Love Your Voice

Are you ready to feel more confident in your voice?
Our job is to see potential in our students and guide them in a way to best bring out their talents. We get you in tune with your instrument so you can start to trust yourself.

Are you ready to explore the true potential of your gifts?
We offer a safe place to explore, experiment, and create. We truly care about you as a person. We’re here to support you. Our studio is designed for privacy so you can feel safe in taking your next big steps and unleashing your creativity.

Are you ready to let got of any misbeliefs or doubts holding you back?
We dive into the mind of the singer so we can be sure that your belief system is truly serving you. We help singers get out of the habit of over-thinking so they can trust more in their body and heart. We strongly believe this helps uncork creativity and authenticity while greatly reducing anxiety.

Winner of the Los Angeles award for Best Vocal Instruction

———-Who We Are———-


Kathleen Kernohan

Kathleen Kernohan is a professional singer, actress, performer, and recording artist. She has taught singing, acting, and creative dramatics for over 25 years. She specializes in children and adult beginners, making the learning process fun and exciting.

Kathleen helps prepare students for performances and auditions by applying acting methods to singing. She specializes in Musical Theater and Jazz.

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Kelly Farrell

Kelly is a vocal instructor and confidence coach. She specializes in working one-on-one with young adults and teens. She helps students build self confidence and helps rid them of anxiety holding back their talent. “My goal is to help people fall in love with their own voice”.

Kelly has the ability to help student’s reach their full potential. A majority of students come to Kelly to learn “healthy belting” which gives singers power while making singing feel easy.

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Achieve your goals fast

We assess each student’s voice and design exercises for their specific goals, voice type, and genre. Lessons are custom designed for your needs.

Healthy belting: Many singers find maintaining a healthy technique while “belting” difficult. We help clients feel the difference between harmful and healthy belting. Our goal is to give you a healthy technique so that your instrument will last a lifetime. Helping students release tension makes singing much easier and much more fun.

“Mixed” voice: Going from your lowest note to your highest note seamlessly can be a big challenge for singers. We help singers blend registers to the point where the audience won’t hear your transition. This removes “breaks”, cracks, flips, and straining.

Range expansion: When a singer can’t get past their “breaks” they assume all higher notes are out of their range. By balancing their registers, our instructors drastically improve a singer’s range. Most students gain an octave or more.

Vocal Style: What makes you unique as a singer? We help singers identify their strengths to create a unique style that feels authentic to them. We want you to love the feeling you get when you sing and love your own personal style.

Your First Lesson

Introductory lessons include a discussion with your instructor about your personal goals, an assessment of your voice type, exercises to help you with your goals, song application, or anything else you’d like to go over.

The purpose is to hear from you where you are now and how far you want to go with your singing. Your instructor will then be able to create custom-made lesson plans to benefit your goals.

Introductory lessons are $60 for the hour. For those under the age of 12, half-hour introductory lessons are $30. Come see if our services are right for you with no further commitment required.

Which instructor is the best fit for your personal singing goals?

Benefits of Singing

    Confidence boosts, enhances presence
    Emotional release, self expression
    Enhanced verbal communication and social skills
    Conquered fear of stage fright, public speaking
    Connection to others, lessened feelings of isolation or shame
    Brain stimulation, increased concentration, lengthened attention span
    Ability to empathize with others through emotional storytelling
    Increased awareness and connection to your body
    Increased understanding of one’s own emotional state
    Positive mood through stress reduction, anxiety release
    Increased appreciation of arts, knowledge of music
    Sense of self trust through achievement

The Singing Place | We offer singing, voice, vocal, lessons, and classes in Brentwood near Santa Monica, CA 90049 for all ages and levels.

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