Kelly Farrell

Kelly is a Vocal Instructor and Life Coach.

She specializes in working one-on-one with those looking to live a more confident, creative lifestyle.

She helps students build self worth and guides them through processes intended to lift any issues holding back their talent.

“My goal is to help people fall in love with their own voice and more importantly, know that they have a right to use it. This is really about living the life you desire.”

Kelly graduated from the University of Santa Monica for Spiritual Psychology, giving her life coaching tools to become a Personal Growth and Confidence Coach for her students.

“You wouldn’t believe how many talented people hold back their gifts out of fear. I believe it’s my life’s purpose to help people express themselves authentically. When we start allowing ourselves to be heard is when we feel the most alive, we’re finally able to live the life we dream about”.

Many of Kelly’s clients come to her specifically for Personal Growth and Confidence Coaching. For more details on receiving this special kind of coaching from Kelly, refer here:

Kelly has the ability to assess any voice and help student’s reach their full potential.

A majority of students come to Kelly to learn “healthy belting” which gives singers power while making singing feel much easier.

“Singing should feel easy! It’s not the hard work we think it is”.

Kelly started out like many of her students: a singer, actress, model, and performer. Growing up in the industry led her to working with the industry’s top vocal coaches at a very young age.

“I had the problems many of my student’s have: a strained lower register and weak upper register. Singing always felt like a struggle but when lessons changed that, it changed my life. I knew I wanted to be a teacher and give others this gift.”

Kelly studied from the world’s best vocal coaches since that experience 15 years ago.

An understanding of vocal science combined with years of experience makes her an excellent teacher.

“Students feel comfortable singing in front of me once they find out I’ve gone through everything they’re going through. I know what’s it’s like to be unhappy with the sound of your own voice and lack the self-love needed to be a performer.

Helping singers love the sound of their own voice is my favorite part of teaching because it’s an emotional experience as much as it is a physical one.”

Kelly has been a voice educator for over a decade. She studied Speech Level Singing beginning in 1999, going on to become the youngest ever certified SLS teacher. Since then, she’s become a Vocology in Practice Expert. VIP is a singing teacher accreditation program of the highest standard, the official technique used in the best selling app, VocalizeU.

In 2012 Kelly’s studio, The Singing Place, won Los Angeles’ award for best Vocal Instruction.


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