Kelly is great!! fantastic! Wonderful! These lessons have changed my life. I’ve been a professional singer for 15 years, in just a few lessons Kelly added an octave onto my range. After a year of lessons, I’m singing things I would’ve thought impossible, Marvin Gaye, Freddy Mercury, Paul
McCartney. It feels so good! She’s kind, professional and passionate about what she teaches. She’s a great coach, aware of artistry and nuance! Its been a revelation!

-Zach Gill, singer, recording arst

My producer told me to get voice lessons while recording my album. I’m so glad I took his advice. He told me I was singing flat but Kelly fixed that problem on the first lesson. I kept coming back because I enjoyed it so much. As soon as my album’s finished I’m sending Kelly the first copy

-Jonathan Gordon, recording artist, performer, songwriter

I’ve taken from so many teachers over the years but Kelly was the only one that worked for me. I’ve been a performer for years and always struggled with the high notes. I could feel my voice giving out but didn’t know why. Kelly explained what I was doing wrong and showed me the right way to get power. I don’t worry about the high notes anymore. I wish I had taken from her 20 years ago!

-Ryan Freeman, songwriter, performer, guitarist

When I first went to The Singing Place, I was so nervous! I had never had a voice lesson in my life, only a newfound desire and passion for singing I couldn’t ignore. The studio is lovely – very comfortable and inviting, but the real gem is Kelly. In only a couple short lessons with her, I am already starting to like the sound of my voice and am making progress in leaps and bounds. Kelly has always been attentive, professional, friendly, and never intimidating or difficult to work with. She will craft every lesson to *you,* and make sure you are set for success in and out of the studio. She provides practical & effective exercises, advice, and techniques for you to apply between lessons…I’d never see anyone else!

-Alexandra D

In the span of a year, Kathleen has taken my 9 year old daughter from a good singer to a GREAT singer! Her warm ups and technique have done magic for her and she is now thriving as a singer! Sydney has had the opportunity on several occasions to sing the National Anthem for the Los Angeles Angels and the Los Angeles Lakers and Kathleen has really helped her to speed up her song to the required length without losing the quality in her tone. Thanks Kathleen! We look forward to many more years together.

-Rachel Shalhoob, Mom to Sydney www.sydneyshalhoob.net

I always wanted to “belt” but anytime I tried my voice hurt. Since studying with Kelly I’ve learned the right way to find power. It’s so much easier singing in full voice now and it’s load more fun!”

-Katie March, singer

Kelly is simply wonderful. She was the one who inspired me to become a teacher, and she has helped me tremendously in developing my skills in singing and teaching. Even though I had worked with over five voice instructors at the time, I found the “mix” within a few weeks of working with her. Kelly helped me realize that there are voice teachers out there that can produce results in a short amount of time. She really brings out the best in all of her students, and her knowledge is priceless. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional or any level in between, Kelly will find the best way to work with you, and there is always something to learn in every lesson. I highly recommend Kelly for voice lessons.

-Olivia Thai, singer, vocal teacher, recording artist

 It’s been several years since I started lessons with Kelly and I feel endlessly blessed and grateful. To say this place has changed my life would be an understatement. She has guided me in the most com passionate way, providing honest, open, and intuitive feedback, and helping me to become the best version of myself in sculpting and shaping my voice and my life. Through her coaching I have grown immensely both inside and out. In working with Kelly I have improved my vocal abilities in massive ways, and my confidence in my voice has skyrocketed, a night and day difference from my pre-TSP days. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of my growth however, as she has allowed me to dig deep and find the most powerful parts of myself that I never knew existed. This woman is magnificently talented at what she does, and this is completely clear to me every time I visit. This place is blessed with an abundance of good vibes and if you’re one of the lucky ones who’s blessed enough to be a part of it, I salute you.

-Mia R

I have been taking lessons with Kelly at the Singing Place and I have only wonderful things to say about my experience! I am new to singing and the progress I’ve made with Kelly is just fantastic. I feel much more confident and comfortable singing, and speaking, too! I feel like the lessons help me on many levels. Kelly is a fantastic instructor – she is always energetic, enthusiastic and very supportive. Overall I definitely recommend taking classes at the Singing Place – it’s a gem!

-Daria G

To anyone who likes to sing and wants to sing better, Kathleen Kernohan can make it happen. I’ve had other voice instructors, but none compare to Kathleen. To start, she just makes you feel good, but what impresses me the most is her technical understanding of how the human voice produces sound, that is, music, coupled with the ability to make the student understand difficult concepts She hears everything, and as a result I have been able to nuance my performance to a degree I did not think possible. Think you can’t sing? Go see Kathleen!” Lately a better singer.

-Scott Darby Overall Excellent

My 11 year old daughter has been studying voice with Kathleen for the past two years. Kathleen is a fantastic teacher for children. She takes their raw talent and gives them the tools and confidence to let them shine. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Her great belief in her students and constant, loving encouragement gives them strength and poise. I have watched my daughter grow both artistically and personally because of Kathleen. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

-Danice Hertz

I have had the pleasure of working with Kathleen for over two years. I hadn’t worked with a vocal coach or sung in public for almost 20 years when I was asked to sing “Ave Maria” at a friend’s wedding. Kathleen helped bring my voice out in the very first lesson and the song was beautiful. I have moved from California but whenever I go back I schedule an appointment or two with Kathleen.
Last time she helped me record a Christmas song for my ailing mother. Another time I was working on a spoof of a Broadway song for a presentation. We had so much fun that my hour lesson turned into two. I was fortunate to be the last one that day. Kathleen was kind enough to continue working with me because the song wasn’t quite there. I highly recommend Kathleen and The Singing Place.

-Katarina H

I decided that I wanted to sing in my 30s, but I didn’t know how to read music and had never even learned to play an instrument. What a relief to have found Kathleen and The Singing Place! Kathleen is professional, but also warm, patient and personable. Over the past few months, she’s taught me the basics of singing and strategies for working on my specific goals. I highly recommend her to anyone
who’s ever wanted to sing a little better, even if, like me, you mostly just sing in the shower.

-Raechal S

My first lesson with Kathleen was amazing. She was extremely encouraging and a delight to work with. I am usually very nervous when I have my first session with a new singing coach, but it was completely different when I had my first session here. My coach made me feel like we’d known each other and worked together for a long time, and that helped me tremendously develop my skills in just
one session. I’ll definitely will come back!

-Alexander B

If you are serious about learning proper and healthy singing technique to help you experience the joy and ease of singing and extend the life of your voice, if you’re interested in getting out of your own way by identifying and getting rid of the limiting beliefs you have about singing, then do yourself a favor and sign up for classes today. On top of everything else, Kelly is super nice and easy to talk to, so if you’re nervous about singing in front of someone else, she will make it much easier for you. Also,
the space is fantastic and you’ll feel at ease the second you walk through the door.

-Chrisne A

Kathleen creates a safe and comfortable environment which has allowed me to develop my unique voice and sense of style. I have had many vocal coaches in the past from pop to jazz to opera which did not work for me. This approach has worked because there is a balance between technique and singing songs! The absence of judgement Kathleen exudes has been “instrumental” in my true voice
coming out.

-Samantha B

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