The Top Limiting Beliefs of Singers

February 29, 2016
by Kelly Farrell  |   in Confidence Coaching  |   0 Comment


The Top Limiting Beliefs of Singers

1. If I sing I will be judged, criticized, or told to stop

2. If people knew I love to sing, they would laugh at me

3. I had a negative experience singing in the past I believe I will repeat

4. Someone told me I couldn’t sing and I believed them. A negative comment about my voice can change how I feel about myself

5. Others are better than me, so I don’t have a right to sing

6. My voice must be PERFECT before I allow anyone to hear me. I won’t accept anything less than perfect from myself

7. My worth as a singer depends on the amount of attention and approval I get from others. Once others tell me I’m a good singer, then I will feel worthy

8. My family never supported my singing and I believe they will judge my choice now

9. I always wanted to sing but now I’m too old

10. I don’t try my best because I’m afraid I’ll be told my best isn’t good enough

11. I don’t trust myself to not mess up when singing for others

12. I don’t want people from my past hearing me sing or seeing the real me

13. I’m not worthy of voice lessons, the time or money investment

14. If I’m not going to be super successful, I shouldn’t bother

15. People are born good singers, it’s not something I can learn

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