Shealeigh Atkinson

kathleenShealeigh Atkinson is a songwriting coach, artist developer, performer, and professional recording artist. Shealeigh is a graduate of Musicians Institute with her Bachelors degree in Contemporary Vocal Performance. She has over a decade of experience in performing, writing, and touring.

Shealeigh’s students are welcome to present new song ideas, artist image ideas, performance ideas to go over. She loves helping her students explore the realms of their creativity whether they are beginners or professionals.

“What allows me understand singers’ struggles is knowing that it wasn’t too long ago that I was in their position. I have had so many moments where I wasn’t sure I was meant to perform or write but the love of music and singing is what kept me from giving up on my dream.”

Shealeigh is best known for her positive approach to all genres and her execution on the stage. “There is nothing like nailing a performance or writing a song that means as much to someone else as it means to you. The greatest feeling is connecting with an audience through your own lyrics and melody.”

Shealeigh hopes to share her love of performing and songwriting with her students. When not working as a coach she tours with her original funk band, Prussia.

Shealeigh’s Specialties:

  • Vocal Style: develop your unique sound, gain textures and tones
  • Song Writing: coaching and co-writing
  • Stage Performance: connecting to an audience
  • Musicianship Collaboration: how to work with bandmates
  • Artist Development: creating your artist image

Musical Genres: all with emphasis on Pop and Rock

Shealeigh’s Rates

First hour introductory lesson: $60

Introductory lessons include an assessment, exercises, expertise advice, and a discussion of your personal goals. There’s no further commitment required.

Individual lessons (lessons a la carte)
Hour: $95
Half hour: $50

Membership plans (regular attendance)
Hour: $299/month
Half hour: $159/month
4 lessons per month

Watch Shealeigh do her thing!
Original songs written by Shealeigh and her band Prussia

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