Kathleen Kernohan

kathleenKathleen Kernohan is a vocal technique instructor, actress, harpist, performer, recording artist, and entrepreneur. She has taught singing, acting, and creative dramatics for over 25 years. She specializes in children and adult beginners, making the learning process fun and exciting.

She has performed in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Seattle, the Caribbean, San Francisco, and on national tours. She toured with Robert Goulet in his night club act and in “Carousel” and also performed at the Seattle Repertory Theater, ACT, Santa Barbara Civic Light Opera, Pasadena Playhouse, Utah Shakespearean Festival and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. She has performed for or with Michael Douglas, Bernadette Peters, Don Ho, Jean Stapleton, Groucho Marx, Robert Goulet, Manhatten Transfer, Helen Reddy, and Gordon MacRae. Her recordings include “The Quiet Land of Erin”— Irish Songs with Celtic Harp.

Kathleen graduated from the University of Washington (Cum Laude) with a degree in Music and Drama, with post-grad work in Education at California Lutheran University. She taught in the Santa Barbara School District and the Conejo Valley Unified School District. For 15 years, she had her own Children’s Creative Theater in Santa Barbara. She was also a children’s and teen’s commercial manager in Hollywood. Her private training has been with Seth Riggs, Barbara Cook, David Craig, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, Darryl Hickman, and 6 master teachers (IMT’s) of Speech Level Singing.

She is a certified teacher of the world famous Speech Level Singing technique developed by maestro Seth Riggs. Kathleen studied as a voice student with Seth for 9 years until he encouraged her to become a teacher herself. She was honored, especially since SLS is by far the best technique she has ever come across. Speech Level Singing enables people to sing with a relaxed and effortless way that they speak. Since Speech Level Singing is a technique, a foundation for singing, it can therefore be used for any style—pop, musical theater, jazz, country, rock, opera, gospel. In fact it is used by such diverse styles as singers Ray Charles to Phil Webb (principal Metropolitan lyric tenor) SLS enables singers to perform in any style with freedom and flexibility and with voices that remain healthy throughout a lifetime of singing.

Kathleen is delighted to be teaching this technique. Seth Riggs once told her that teaching singing can be as much a joy as performing. She has certainly found that to be true–especially the heart warming rewards that come with the wonderful success of her students.

Kathleen’s specialties

  • Vocal Technique: healthy belting, volume, control
  • Vocal Timbre: finding a tone and style you love
  • Range Expansion: gaining high notes
  • Register Blending: ease breaks, smooth transition, relieve tension
  • Fundamentals of Singing: pitch, breathing
  • Emoting Lyrics: connecting with an audience using acting methods
  • Stage Performance: movements and presence on stage
  • Audition Preparation: : song recommendation, audition advice

Musical Genres: all genres with emphasis on Musical Theater and Jazz

Kathleen’s Rates

First hour introductory lesson: $60

Introductory lessons include a vocal assessment, exercises, expertise advice, and a discussion of your personal goals. There’s no commitment required, students usually sign up for Memberships after the first lesson in order to study regularly at a discounted rate.

Individual lessons (lessons a la carte)
Hour: $95
Half hour: $50

Membership plans (regular attendance)
Hour: $299/month
Half hour: $159/month
4 lessons per month

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