Benefits of Memberships:

✓ Significantly discounted rates
✓ Best plan for fast and steady vocal improvement
✓ Performance opportunities such as recitals and auditions
✓ Significant discounts on classes such as performance, group workshops, etc.

We have a limited amount of memberships available.

Memberships are billed through our electronic billing system by debit/credit card. The billing date will either be the 1st or 15th of the month, depending on student’s choice. The billing date will remain the same each month. Memberships are paid in full at the billing date to receive the discounted rate. Monthly billing is required, otherwise “individual” lesson rates apply.

If a student doesn’t use all 3 lessons in a month, they may be used in following months. Lessons may roll over and be taken in other months as long as their membership continues. If a student has used all 3 lessons and wants an additional lesson, members receive additional lessons at 50% percent off the “individual” lesson rate, $60 for an hour and $30 for a half hour.

Ending Memberships:
We require 7 days notice prior to the next billing date to stop payments. Memberships cannot be paused. Any remaining lessons must be used before the Membership is cancelled. There are no refunds for unused lessons.

Thank you for joining The Singing Place!

24 Hour Cancelation Policy: We’re unable to reschedule last minute cancellations because there’s not enough time to re-fill that slot. To reschedule a lesson, please call or email us with a minimum of 24 hours notice, otherwise the lesson is charged. For example, if your lesson is scheduled for 12 pm on Tuesday we must have notice before 12 pm on Monday. More advanced notice is greatly appreciated.

Tardiness: Lessons are booked by the hour, back to back. If a student is late, the lesson will still end at the scheduled time to be fair to the following appointment. There are no refunds for no-shows or tardiness. 

Arrival: If you arrive early, please wait in the waiting room. As soon as the previous student has finished, we will come and get you.

Illness: If ill, consider taking a lesson over the internet. If a student’s throat is sore, we recommend a “non-singing” lesson where students learn about music theory, song recommendation, artist development, etc. Let us know as soon as you feel ill to prevent forfeiting any lessons due to the 24 hour cancelation policy. 

Internet Lessons: We offer lessons around the world! If a student has transportation trouble, we recommend taking the lesson via the internet.

Late Payment: There is a $25 late fee for each week payment is late. Please make sure your credit card number is current.

Teacher substitution: In the rare case of teacher illness, a qualified substitute will be available so lessons can continue as normal. Students have the option to take from the sub or reschedule, whichever they prefer.

Parking: We’re happy to offer students our parking space during their lesson times. Please be considerate of other students and remove the vehicle immediately after your lesson time.

Gifting your lesson: You may give a friend one of your lessons as a gift for any special occasion. We’ll make a gift certificate for you. If you need to cancel on short notice, have a friend come take your lesson instead.

Referrals: Tell your friends, get a free lesson! If a friend signs up for a membership, we’ll happily give a free lesson as a thank you!

We look forward to singing with you!

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