Music & Motivation

Music and Motivation is a program that uses singing and music to inspire and encourage those around us.

At The Singing Place we offer voice lesson scholarships to young adults ages 12-19 that have had their lives affected by anxiety and depression, either personally or within their family.

Out of every 100,000 adolescents, two to three thousand will suffer from depression. Because of the rapid development of their brains and bodies, many adolescents may go through a period of angst, characterized by intense feelings of strife. This can lead to feelings of isolation, insecurity, lack of motivation, and even thoughts of self inflicted harm.

Singing serves as a creative outlet to release emotions and find ways of coping with difficult situations. Music can improve one’s mood by reducing anxiety levels, which helps counteract depression. Music has been showed to significantly decrease the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, leading to improved mood and cognitive functioning.

Singing can provide a sense of independence and individuality, which contributes to one’s own self-discovery and sense of identity. The Singing Place provides adolescents with a safe place to express themselves and release their emotions in a healthy manner. We encourage student’s to sing songs of their own choosing, expressing what they have experienced that day. We will help them sing they way they want to sound, helping them identify their own voice. Students work with their teachers one-on-one in a private setting so even students that suffer from shyness or insecurity will begin to open up and share their creative expression.

Singing has been proven to show improved social symptoms such as increased communication ability, reduced social isolation, and increased interest in external events. Singing improves our concentration, confidence, and sense of self worth. Students will see their singing abilities progress as they come to lessons, this gives them a sense of control over their lives through accomplishment. Students often become very passionate about their singing which gives them a sense of purpose and motivation in life. They will have a better understanding of arts and music which opens up many ideas of career opportunities.

Young Adults for Music and Motivation scholarship offers adolescents private one-on-one voice lessons every other week for three months. At the end of the scholarship students are given a certificate of completion and asked to contribute to their community in a way of their choice. This includes: writing a song of motivation for others, recording a vocal performance, performing with other scholarship students, performing in nursing homes, or reaching out to their peers they feel could benefit from the program.

This program offers teens that qualify a half hour lesson twice a month. Anyone between the ages of 12-19 can qualify for this program with an email of recommendation from a family member, guardian, therapist, or counselor.

If you qualify for this program or know someone who does, please contact Kelly at

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