Kelly’s Testimonials

Our Vocal Instructor Kelly Farrell

“Before I took lessons with Kelly I could only sing to an E above middle C. Now I can sing E above HIGH C without straining. I’ve gained a full octave. Finally I can sing all the songs I’ve always wanted to sing but thought they were out of my range”

-Eric Metz, singer, 26

“I’ve taken from so many teachers over the years but Kelly was the only one that worked for me. I’ve been a performer for years and always struggled with the high notes. I could feel my voice giving out but didn’t know why. Kelly explained what I was doing wrong and showed me the right way to get power. I don’t worry about the high notes anymore. I wish I had taken from her 20 years ago!”

-Ryan Freeman, songwriter, performer, guitarist, 48

“I always wanted to “belt” but anytime I tried my voice hurt. Since studying with Kelly I’ve learned the right way to find power. It’s so much easier singing in full voice now and it’s load more fun!”

- Katie March, singer, 24

“I’ve had years of classical training but always had trouble transitioning to pop and R&B. Kelly gave me exercises that helped me discover a new way of singing. I have lots of different sounds to work with now depending on what style I feel like using that day”

- Michelle Martinez, singer, performer, 32

“Kelly is a great teacher and great singer herself. She crafts lessons to perfectly suit your needs, so you can focus on being yourself and improving your unique voice. Also, the vibe is always friendly and professional, never intimidating. I would highly recommend her to friends and colleagues.”

-Jason Blaine, singer, songwriter, musician, 29

“Before I started working with Kelly, I was singing high and breathy, trying to imitate all the artists I hear on the radio. She helped me see the beauty of my lower register and taught me how to use it correctly. Now everywhere I go people are commenting on how deep, beautiful, and unique my voice is. I used to hurt my voice almost every time I sing, and now I never do, and I owe that to Kelly.”

-Tyler Stuad, singer, songwriter, performer, 26

“Going on tour without a strong vocal foundation can ruin your voice. I always take Kelly’s vocal warm ups with me while on the road. It helps get me my voice in the right place before going on stage. Knowing I can hit the notes makes all the difference in my performance. My voice used to get worn out within a few songs, now I can sing encores without any problems”

-Joseph Brewton, recording artist, performer, 29

“My producer told me to get voice lessons while recording my album. I’m so glad I took his advice. He told me I was singing flat but Kelly fixed that problem on the first lesson. I kept coming back because I enjoyed it so much. As soon as my album’s finished I’m sending Kelly the first copy”

-Jonathan Gordon, recording artist, performer, songwriter, 25

“For so long I had two voices: a loud voice on the bottom that I couldn’t bring up very high and a breathy falsetto that sounded very weak on top. Kelly helped fill in my voice so that I have smooth transitions between my registers. Now I feel confident and strong on all notes”

-Mark Orson, singer, 28

“A good vocal teacher takes care of your voice while letting you keep the sound that makes you unique. Kelly is such a teacher. She expanded my range while letting me keep my style. I’ve worked with many other teachers but Kelly is the one I trust the most”

-Robert Avilla, songwriter, performer, 60

“Kelly is simply wonderful. She was the one who inspired me to become a teacher, and she has helped me tremendously in developing my skills in singing and teaching. Even though I had worked with over five voice instructors at the time, I found the “mix” within a few weeks of working with her. Kelly helped me realize that there are voice teachers out there that can produce results in a short amount of time. She really brings out the best in all of her students, and her knowledge is priceless. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional or any level in between, Kelly will find the best way to work with you, and there is always something to learn in every lesson. I highly recommend Kelly for voice lessons.”

-Olivia Thai, singer, vocal teacher, recording artist, 23

“It’s nice to work with a teacher that really cares about their students. Kelly has boosted my confidence as a performer. I’m not afraid to sing at my auditions anymore”

-Alex Rosenthal, singer, actress, 12

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