How much are lessons?

Hour-long introductory lessons are $60. They include a discussion with your instructor about your personal goals, an assessment of your voice type, exercises to help you with your goals, song application, or anything else you’d like to go over. After that, we recommend a Membership with us.

Membership rates vary by instructor and you can view them on their bio pages: Shealeigh Atkinson, Kelly Farrell, Kathleen Kernohan.

How do I know which instructor is right for me?

We have a form just for that! Tell us your goals here and we’ll email you back your results!

What if I’m nervous about singing in front of someone?

We’re here to help for exactly that reason. It’s our mission to support you in every way we can so you can open up your creativity. We keep a safe and caring environment to help students bring out the gems inside.

Can anyone learn to sing or are singers born with the gift?

As long as you can speak, you can learn to sing! We believe everyone has the right to sing and we are here to help make it more fun.

Do you teach beginners as well as professionals?

Yes, tell us your goals. We’ll discuss how we can customize your lessons to help you reach them.

Are lessons private?

Yes, our lessons are private one-on-one with your instructor. We are working on future master classes.

How long will I need to take lessons?

It all depends on where you are now and how far you want to go. We can answer many questions and help solve a problem in a single lesson. For a life long skill, we recommend several months of on going study. It really depends on your desires.

Do I really need vocal technique if I can already sing?

Yes. Vocal technique is a skill that is crucial to keeping your voice healthy for a lifetime. Many singers have tons of talent but the skills they learn with us will give them a much more reliable instrument.

Can I get a lesson via the phone or the computer?

Yes. We can teach over any speaker phone or via the internet with Skype, Facetime, etc. We offer lessons all over the country.

Can you be too young or too old to begin singing?

If you can talk, you can sing. With very young children, we mostly keep singing fun. It all depends on the child’s ability to concentrate and that varies greatly. You’re never too old to do something you love and everyone can make improvement. Our youngest student is 4 yrs. and our oldest is 86 yrs.

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